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Is adoption a choice for you?

There's no shame in not being ready to be a mother. Considering adoption is a smart and mature option that you can discuss in confidence here at our location. On top of learning what the adoption process will entail, you can also secure legal assistance when needed. You'll find a wealth of information, know that we are here to help you choose what is best for you and the baby.


You'll be walked through the process from start to finish, and have help to get medical and legal care if needed. We provide assistance and referrals to ensure you make the right choice. The referral assistance also includes any legal assistance that may be necessary for the legal process.

Get legal assistance

You may have legal issues that arise when you're expecting a baby and want to use adoption services. Perhaps the father or grandparents want to fight your decision. You can use our assistance for help.

As a local, nonprofit organization any volunteer help you can provide or donations you can make are helpful!

Feel in control with our help

-  Private and discreet

-  Caring

-  FREE pregnancy testing

-  Be informed of all your choices

Unexpected pregnancy? We can help.

Your first step is to secure a FREE pregnancy test at our location. From there, you can see what assistance is available, and get information on raising a baby, adoption, or abortion.

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"Private discreet assistance for any of your pre-pregnancy, post pregnancy and post-abortion needs."

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